Identity Change Solution?


No matter how much we want to live in peace, we sometimes face problems which are just too big to overcome. These difficulties can make your life a living hell. In many cases conventional approaches don’t work anymore to get your life back on track.

Actually, I’m quite surprised by the increasing number of people who want to change their identity. If you just Google the phrase “change my identity” you will be bombarded by thousands of different results. When I tried to check them, it seems that most people have different sensible reasons as to why they want to start afresh. There’s this guy who had some dealings with the police during his teenage years and now he’s having difficulties in landing a job.

However, I also came across people who just want to enjoy their life as a normal person, e.g. escaping from an abuser or stalker. Getting away from financial responsibilities is also one of the main factors for this great desire to change identity. There are much more substantial reasons other than these. Someone might, perhaps, witness a crime, and a hit man is looking for them.  Many people who change their identity also want to hide from the authorities. Whatever your reason might be, I’m pretty sure that there is a definite and legal way to resolve your challenges.

Before we delve more into the legal methods of changing your identity, it must be stressed that if you get yourself into illegal things, you are just putting yourself in danger.

You have probably read various books on how to change your identity and one of the ways that they may have proudly explained in their book is creating a fake ID or altering documents like your birth certificate to obtain a new driver’s license. They might also have suggested that you think of different numbers for your social security number. Neither of these will work. Perhaps it could have worked in the 19th century, but let’s face it, with everything being so advanced these days, I’m sure it would be virtually impossible to get away with this kind of trick. So, attempting to forge your documents to obtain a driver’s license will get you arrested given the modern DMV’s we have.

Actually, a driver’s license isn’t the hardest document to obtain; I would say it’s the Social Security Number. Again, most books will just tell you to invent numbers, fake your documents and even worse, to cut out a picture and paste it onto your ID. These books, sorry for sounding harsh, are nonsense. I don’t think that the person who wrote it was in his right mind, or maybe he was just after money and didn’t care if his advice was making any sense. Do you honestly think that that would work? When I bought a book on how to change one’s identity for 35 dollars, I was pretty surprised on the suggestions the author was giving his reader. I thought to myself “man, would that really work?” I mean, it wasn’t believable at all. So when I was all done reading over the whole 170 pages of crap, what I just uttered was “it’s completely rubbish”. Admittedly though, it did give me some advice which, for my money, were practical.

The ‘Change Identity Bible‘ book will show you only the most ideal, practical and easy ways to live completely under the radar and change your identity. I have also included only the most sound advice that I got from those books that I purchased in the past. Plus, I will tell you the tricks on how exactly to get a new Social Security number in less than an hour.

If I were you, I wouldn’t  waste my precious time reading over 100 pages of a book which contains no help at all. This book that I have for you is the most comprehensive guide available and it offers revolutionary methods which are, of course, completely applicable in these modern times.

In fact, you can change your identity without having to obtain a birth certificate and a driver’s license. Although, I must admit that having what you desire can take a bit of a time especially if you want to live legally and normally. Let me reiterate that forging or altering your most important documents is entire rubbish.

Change Identity BibleThe methods presented in this book won’t put you behind bars and you will be given the chance to enjoy your freedom just like any other person. Not only that, but if you have a child, you can even enroll him in any school you want, it’s totally possible.

I am really glad I cam across this guide written by Peter Bergmann.  Thanks to this information, I was able to secure employment, rent a house and buy a car without having to reveal my real information to anyone.

Again, it takes time, but TO LIVE LEGALLY AND ANONYMOUSLY as long as you want IS what we are aiming for anyway?

If you want to learn more on how to get a new identity and start over just visit ‘’.

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Identity Change: Is this the Answer to My Financial Woes?


It seemed just like yesterday. I was planning my next vacation, visiting dealerships in search of a new car, and enjoying a wide array of gadgets that made me the envy of my friends and colleagues.



Money was never a problem. I had a good job that sustained my luxurious lifestyle. If only I can say the same now. Two years ago, I was handed down the pink slip. From then on, my life seemed to have spiraled downwards in great speed. Finding a new job became a futile conquest. I have been through numerous interviews that I must have approached the same company twice – maybe thrice – in the hopes that they would finally give in and hire me. Still I failed. Soon, all my savings started to disappear as I tried to cope with all my bills.

The mortgage and the car loan took a big bulk of the little money that I have set aside. I had to rely on my credit card for my food needs. With no money coming in, I am now officially buried in debt. The banks are after me, so are the private lenders and friends that I have loaned from just to finance my basic needs.

Close family and friends have advised me to file for bankruptcy, which I probably would soon. However, I know that it still will not give me a long-term solution as it may only result to a reorganized payment plan. Further, filing for bankruptcy will leave a long negative mark on my credit records. If I get lucky and be able to find a new job soon, acquiring new credit cards and loans would be a challenge with a bankruptcy history.

This makes me tiptoe on another possible solution, which is to change identity. An identity change will provide me a clean slate to start over again. There would be no bad credit history to haunt me. Most of all, it will give me freedom from the torment and humiliation that my creditors are giving me. With a new name comes a new life.

I will be able to walk under the noses of these collectors without being harassed and finally may be able to sleep soundly at night again. There is just one catch. To change identity is not as easy as it seems to be in movies. Yes, I can easily go by another name but having the same social security number will still attach me to my old life. With our social security numbers easily traced in computer systems, collecting agents will soon be knocking on my door again even if I transfer to another state or live in a cottage by the mountains.

Worse, getting caught changing my identity can wound me up in prison. Jail time and a pile of debt on my name – that definitely is a far deeper pit than where I am now. I guess I have no choice for now but consider filing for bankruptcy. Who knows, my luck might change in the next couple of months and finally haul me out of this mess I am in. An identity change may seem like the perfect solution, but it really is nothing but wishful thinking.

Even if I pull it off, the legal system may catch after me one day and make me pay a higher price.


The Guy Who Escaped His Identity


Today I am meeting Dave for an interview. He his 33 years old and escaped a life full of drugs and crime. He went to jail so may times he can not even remember. He tried pretty much any drug out there that can be bought illegally. In his mid twenties he decided to change his identity and start over. I met him in the first week of 2014 on the Philippine island of Cebu.


Roberts: Hi Dave, nice to meet you. Thank you for taking the time to talk with me. How the hell did you end up here in the Philippines?

Dave: Well, as you mentioned before, I was involved in some nasty staff. It got to the point, where I realized I needed to escape. The issue was my old identity made it impossible to escape all the violence and drug trade. When I applied for work, I got always turned down because of my criminal record. I just was in a very difficult situation, the only way I was able to make money was selling drugs.

At one point I figured out that changing my identity could be my solution. Even with a new identity I just wanted to escape my life completely. My plan was just to start over in a new country with a new identity.

Roberts: What made you choose from all those places in the world to live in the Philippines?

Dave: I love it here, I moved to the Philippines 6 years ago. I would never ever move back to the states. You want to know what I like here. Well, its the climate, warm all year. Truly amazing white sand beaches, great food and very affordable living expenses. I think changing my identity and moving here was the best thing I did in my entire life. I truly changed my identity inside and out. I stopped being involved in any illegal things, I don’t take drugs anymore. Just beer LOL.

Roberts: Since you changed you identity, have you ever been back in the US?

Dave: Not once, I really don’t miss it. I think the American dream is dead. When I was young people still believed that if you work hard you can make it. Now if you poor you will stay poor. It got virtually impossible to escape the circle of poverty.

Roberts: I am really impressed by your story and how you took on a new identity. It’s really hard to find people to talk with about this subject. What do you work here to survive?

Dave: I am running a dive shop catering to western tourists and wealthy Filipinos. I am not making millions of dollars every month, but I make enough to get by well. Sometimes time and freedom can be more important than money.

Roberts: I really appreciate sharing your thoughts with us. I wish you the best for your new identity and new life here in the Philippines.


Fed Up with Gang Life: New Identity Wanted

I am fed up with my current life. I have never been so messed up or confused and scared in my entire existence as when my life with the gang started. Before, I thought it was the solution to all my problems. The gang gave me a family; I always had a “brother” to turn to whenever things got sour; I had a social life and an identity. I had a home.

But almost as soon as I was in, what I found was the complete opposite. From the day I joined, nothing seemed right anymore. Every day was a plunge deeper into darkness, and as each day passes, my hope for redemption further wanes.


I started seeing my “brothers” as the thugs that they actually were. They don’t really care for me; they just needed another body to feed into their fight and to be used as cannon fodder. Each day saw a never-ending cycle of violence, hatred, drugs, bigotry, shit talk, and every other thought and deed that makes the world the sickening place that it is today.

Fear is one major emotion I have as a part of my gang. We had mortal enemies in the various gangs of other ethnic groups. Each day I would wonder whether another gang war would erupt; a war that is worse than the last. I am always on guard in case some unknown enemy would catch me off guard in the back streets and stab me to death. I live in constant fear.


Sure, there are perks. The girls were all right, and even downright satisfying. But women mixed with drugs, violence and other shit makes things too sour for my taste. The benefits are not worth the pain.

I wallowed in this kind of hell for five years. I was a wasted addict with no future in sight. I wanted to change but I could not. It was only one morning when I woke up a week ago when I started to realize the only option left for me; I need to change my identity. I need to get off the grid and disappear from the map, just like John Connor did in Terminator 3.

My plan should be flawless. Despite its barbaric and disheveled consciousness, a gang with a vendetta can find you if it really puts its mind to it, and my gang “brothers” made it clear that I can never part ways with them. The only separation is death, and they are only too willing to inflict that on me should it become necessary.


I need to erase my digital footprints. I need a new name and a new birth certificate. I heard that it is not impossibly hard to do so; with enough persistence, I only have to put the right effort and meet the right connections.

Despite the tough security, I have managed to steal enough dough from our drug dealing operation to get me a comfortable life in some third-world, poverty stricken country somewhere in South America or Asia. As a kid, I have always been fond of traveling and visiting new places anyway.

I have cold cash and I only need to ditch my card and my online presence. I need to stage an elaborately fake but credible death. I need ways by which to mislead potential investigators who would surely be on the hunt once my gang discovers I embezzled thousands from them. I need to change my identity start over and begin a fresh new life. I need to disappear.



I Am Making $8 an Hour

I am 42 years old. I was 18 when I started to work at Taco Bells. When I joined I had big dreams. The promised me if you work hard in a couple of years you will be store manager. 24 years later I am still making tacos in the kitchen.


I have two lovely daughters and a beautiful wife. I am making with overtime about $1000, we are lucky we can afford our trailer park home.  I make barely enough to put food on table. If I wanted to earn the same amount our CEO makes a year, I would need to work for 930 years. Or to put it in perspective, 930 Taco Bells workers combined earn what the CEO makes.

The issue is that over the years I started to get into debt. I did not use the money I borrowed for fancy cars a new home, or exotic holidays. I just used to buy food so we can survive. However, our debt starts to hunt us. Recently we started to get pretty nasty letters from all those evil debt collection agencies. I am scared to lose my trailer park. I have no place else I could take my family. We took out so many loans because we had no money, after paying back we have even less money to survive, it’s a vicious circle.


In the years I worked so hard for Tacos Bells I stopped believing in the American Dream. When my parents grew up it was still possible for everyone to make it big, but I feel like for my generation no matter how hard you work, it’s virtually impossible to make a decent salary. I know so many people around me who are facing the same challenges. Higher education got to expensive to be affordable for working class people like us. My family never had that kind of money that would allow me to go to University; However, for me it’s even more difficult to pay for any higher education of our two daughters.

The only chance to break the cycle of poverty is education, but we are locked in poverty. The only way for us to escape poverty would be winning the lottery, but the chances are as we all know pretty low.

I have friends who escaped their debt nightmare by getting a new identity. But I think it’s pretty crazy to life under a new assumed identity. But it might be worth it if someone gets a new identity legally to start over.

I am not a socialist or even worse a communist, but I think all people in society should have a fair chance to make it big, even if they come from a poor social back round.

In many European countries young people from all social backgrounds are given the chance to have a decent education and get a job later in life that actually pays a fair salary. Wealth in the US is very uneven distributed in society.


Child ID’s Used By Police To Change Identity

Undercover agent used the identities of a dead children to infiltrate all kind of political organization. More than 42 identities were stolen. 


Taking on the identity of someone who has died is already highly illegal and immoral. But there are no words to describe the act of taking on the identity of a dead child.

The real shocking part is that not some regular people used that method to change their identity, but the police. I always thought the government and law enforcement agent had access to all kind of systems and create as many identities as they like to. Stealing the identity of a dead child is just highly unethical. (more…)


Stories from readers – Gang Life

“I’m free” I said to myself excitedly. I had finally escaped and now I had to figure out my exit strategy. I ran as fast as I could while Diego and Pablo chased after me trying to shoot me with their 9mm rounds. I ran through the water and through the woods and up the hilly terrain away from them. Luckily, I had a ride waiting alongside the highway.


It was my girlfriend Rosa and she was eager to see me. She had gotten a text from me earlier saying things were not good and to meet me at the underpass. I had been living the life of a gangster for ten years now and needed to retire. I needed to have a fresh new start, I had been living as a thug since the age of twelve and I was no longer interested in that scene. I had seen way too much and heard way too much. I have lied for the brotherhood and almost died for them on many occasions. For the last year things have just been awkward between me and the guys. (more…)

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